Four Non-Blond Non-Problems

The following four questions have one response:

Dear Smiley,

I have a paper due in two days but I need to make out with this guy for at least 5 hours per day. I have plenty of time to do both and bake banana bread. Twice actually. Should I ask my professor for an extension, or just not update one of my blogs tomorrow?

Paulanita Singh

Hey Smims

I’m traveling though Europe and I’m constantly having intense metaphysical experiences where I question my existence, identity, sexuality and the origins of the universe. I’m eating and doing everything I want and will get laid. What should I do?

Asal Santos

~`~“~`~~“~“~~“`~“~““`~~~ SIMI!!!!““~~~~“~~~~~`~“



I hate you. I just cleaned my room. Wanna go on tour?


Eesha Patel

: ) : ) Tee HEe hee, Baby simi, where are you? : ) 🙂

My boy friend is too loyal. He always answers the phone, dammit! And I stopped drinking alone because he makes me so damned happy. Where’s my angst gone! I need it back to become a writer! What should I do?

Ajda Pekkan

Dear Dal I’m eatin’, Asshole,  Meet Cha and Agita,

I slept for 15 hours yesterday because I drank a 2 dollar bottle of wine. My room mates think I have mono, but I really just have a job. More chill. Less whack. Call me in the morning, Babe.


About asksimi

Simi is a wise and mysterious figure who's wisdom is only exceeded by his mystery. Mystical powers abound, his knowledge has healed the sick and amused the boring. I am his humble typist. Also a student at SJSU in MLIS.
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