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Chronaexus, The Rain in Endless Fall, Wreck and Reference, Gaarth

TWO BLACK, one doom and a non-metal band play tonight at 1211 F St. starting at 7pm! Simi will be there in person, maybe also in mind and spirit. Expect better, as in less repetitive visuals from Gaarth. Advertisements

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Four Non-Blond Non-Problems

The following four questions have one response: Dear Smiley, I have a paper due in two days but I need to make out with this guy for at least 5 hours per day. I have plenty of time to do … Continue reading

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Femination Rumination

Dearest Slimi Mary jesus and joseph I’ve just been so fucked out my life right now. I mean you know how teens are. It’s like, “Go take your pre-packaged suburban lifestyle and eat pancakes, but I want to live and … Continue reading

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Nachos al Dome

Dear Swimi, How do YOU make nachos? Your palette must be numb from gallons of Del Scorcho, so how to you revive the passions of cheap mexican flavor additives. I need something good for the Nacho Competition tonight. It’s me … Continue reading

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What about my problems?

Simi has a question for all of you. What the fuck is your problem? Really, please tell me. I wanna help you help your self.

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